The owner of Doumois Speakersystems is a musician with great passion and has a fascination for technical aspects. The knowledge of the sound and acoustic of instruments and their specific soundspectrum is an essential skill to build speakers of superior soundquality. The builder collected his skill by years of active participation in performing music, teaching music and conducting music.

The creator connects the emotion behind the sound with a solid technical knowledge. In contradiction with many so called experts we really know how to build speakers with superior quality. All our systems are manufactured with the utmost care. To convince yourself of the sublime soundscape of our systems we provide the opportunity to listen and judge in the own home environment. The best listening space is after all your own living room or listening space.

We have a five year guarantee on all of our products. Besides the standard range we provide, there’s also the possibility to have specific wishes carried out. We are always willing to have a conversation without engagement to determine in what way we can meet your needs. We offer you the possibility of trying out our systems for a week in your own situation, your own installation and specific circumstances. In this way we enable you to have your own judgement, and therefore to make a well thought through decision.