Reference II

The “Reference II” is a top loud speaker with extraordinary characteristics. While developing the “Reference I” the basic consideration was to manufacture a speaker in which tranquillity, neutrality and true to life sound are the main characteristics.

The boxes are, like the “Reference I” developed and manufactured in such a way that the acoustic influence of them is nil. Besides acoustic perfection a lot of attention went to the esthetical aspect. The speakers have a very exclusive knock-on effect and guarantee years of listening enjoyment. This loud speaker provides good quality at a fair price as well.

Sound features are: neutral, open, transparent, dynamic, homogenous and tranquillity. Image and placing of instruments are of unprecedented precision and transparency.


-Cabinet made of solid wood
– Two way system
– 17 centimetres woofer hexacone with phase cone
– Ring radiator tweeter
– Gold plated input connectors
– Frequency range 35-25 khz
– Power 100 watt
– Sensitivity 91 db
– Nominal impedance 8 ohm
– Size 37 x 23 x 39 (centimetres)
– Weight 15 kilos

To be supplied in solid cherry-, ashen-, or birch- wood.

Price on application